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Investment Themes (8/30/2022)

Many of you may be wondering, is more uncertainty and volatility likely to be ahead? This presentation is a great opportunity to understand the current market conditions and future market forecasts from one of the leading money managers, Fidelity Investments.

Learn More About:

  • Our current equity market situation
  • How consumers play a key role in determining the economic path
  • What to consider when it comes to portfolio allocation
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Common Sense In An Era Of Excess (3-31-2022)

Learn where the markets have been in excess before including the Dotcom Bubble (1998 - 2000), The Great Financial Crisis (2007 - 2009), and Today’s Speculative Mania (2020 - ?). We will also be looking into where common sense falls into place during a time of market excess based on previous market information and statistics.