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<strong>Understanding Long Term Care</strong>

Understanding Long Term Care

Take A Deep Dive Into:

  • What is long-term care (LTC)?
  • Popular types, costs, and ways to pay for care
  • Hybrid life insurance + LTC vs. traditional LTC
  • Claims payments: Cash indemnity vs. reimbursement
  • Managing long-term care needs
  • Long-term care: A case study
<strong>Understanding Medicare From A to D</strong>

Understanding Medicare From A to D

Take A Deep Dive Into:

  • Understanding Medicare basics
  • Understanding Medicare coverage and costs
  • Description of Medicare drug coverage: Part D
  • Identification of the differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage
  • Summarization of Medicare coordination benefit rules
<strong>SECUREing Your Retirement 2.0</strong>

SECUREing Your Retirement 2.0

Take A Deep Dive Into:

  • Changes to the required beginning date for Required Minimum Distributions
  • Elimination of RMD’s for Roth accounts in qualified plans
  • Creation of SIMPLE and SEP Roth IRA’s
  • Creation of 529 to Roth IRA transfers
  • New Post death transfer options for Spouse beneficiaries of retirement accounts
  • Changes to Catch up contributions for retirement plans
  • Relaxation of certain 72t rules
<strong>A Guide To Protecting Your Identity</strong>

A Guide To Protecting Your Identity

Learn Protection Strategies Such As:

  • Know: Understand your vulnerabilities
  • Monitor: Online and personal information
  • Defend: Learn how to defend against identity threats
<strong>Investment Themes</strong>

Investment Themes

Learn More About:

  • Our current equity market situation
  • How consumers play a key role in determining the economic path
  • What to consider when it comes to portfolio allocation
<strong>Common Sense In An Era Of Excess</strong>

Common Sense In An Era Of Excess

Learn More About:

  • Where the markets have been in excess before including the Dotcom Bubble (1998 - 2000)
  • The Great Financial Crisis (2007 - 2009)
  • Today’s Speculative Mania (2020 - ?)
  • Where common sense falls into place during a time of market excess based on previous market information and statistics.